Zero Carbon Vision

Our vision is to see Cornell and Iceland working together to spearhead the Cornell campus transformation towards a zero carbon future as a model for other campuses and communities. Our mission is renewable and sustainable energy integration to demonstrate a zero-carbon district energy system for the Cornell campus that would be scalable across the US. Iceland received a formal recognition from Cornell University in 2014 for what the country has accomplished in technology development and deployment to utilize their energy resources in an integrated fashion to create a sustainable future for the country. Iceland generates all of its electricity with renewable energy, and geothermal energy provides most of its hot water and heat. Iceland’s renewable energy represents around 85 percent of its primary energy supply, in contrast to the global primary energy supply where about 80 percent still derives from fossil fuels.

Carbon-Free Energy Future

Cornell has taken on the mission in mapping the sustainability of Iceland - analysis of sustainability for different sectors. Starting with an independent Cornell report on the sustainability of the fisheries management system in Iceland. Cornell and Iceland want to explore ways to further and broaden this strategic partnership to promote the uniqueness of clean energy internationally, change the public mindset, and gain momentum for achieving a more sustainable future. We believe this partnership is full of excellent possibilities as we develop new strategies and protocols to benefit the common good, promote public understanding and gain momentum for our shared vision to develop a carbon-free energy future.

  • Cornell University
  • Reykjavik University
  • Renewable Energy Cluster
  • Government of Iceland