Developing a sustainable carbon-free energy future

Cornell University and Iceland have for many years been working together on clean, renewable and sustainable projects and promoting cooperation in research and education. We believe that this cooperation will mutually benefit both parties greatly with technology innovation and knowledge transfer around sustainable solutions and renewable energy systems integration. GRP Iceland together with Reykjavik University, the Icelandic Energy Cluster and the Ministry of Industries and Innovation are leading the project for Iceland. A key objective is to market Iceland´s proven approach for providing integrated renewable and sustainable energy solutions - mirroring the successful Icelandic model and thereby tying together New York, Cornell, Iceland, and the clean energy economy. Given that both Iceland and Cornell University are on a similar path towards a non-carbon future, we feel there is much common ground to help each other to reach our goals.

  • Cornell University
  • Reykjavik University
  • Renewable Energy Cluster
  • Government of Iceland