Research Center for Sustainability

  • The alliance has been working on formalizing a Research Center for Sustainability in Iceland. The research center aligns with Cornell’s mission of spearheading higher education across the world in adopting sustainable technology.

Iceland leading the way

  • When it comes to sustainability Iceland has been leading the way. Sustainability is more than just a concept in Icelandic society. It has shaped the country and laid the groundwork for this flourishing nation. The main sectors of the Icelandic economy have been built on sustainable foundations and they have been the source of the nation's foreign exchange earnings and an inseparable part of the everyday life of an Icelander.
  • Iceland has developed a renewable policy both in the energy- and fisheries sectors built on sustainability and the tourism industry and transport sectors are now engaged in a mission to develop the sectors with sustainable solutions. Because the Icelandic society has looked at sustainability as key in developing its infrastructure the country has come further than most nations.
  • Iceland has been able to lead the way - to set a perfect example using its natural resources to provide heat for its homes and buildings, to provide electricity for its houses and other industries and is moving quickly towards being able to fuel its transportations systems as well using renewable fuels and its geothermal electricity. The mission is to provide a showcase for a perfect example of how a clean energy economy should be deployed and functioned.

Sustainable way of life

  • This sustainable way of life in Iceland is a benchmark for other countries – it has made Iceland´s sustainable way of life renowned. The country has the possibility to become the first country in the world with zero carbon emission economy – totally green – it has the capability to set an example and act as a showcase for other countries in the world.
  • Today sustainability is understandingly playing a significant role both in the academic world as in the international community. Leading academic authority, industrial leaders and influential politicians all look to sustainability when implementing new policies.

Arctic region and global preservation

  • The global significance of the Arctic region is growing with accelerated resource development and prospects for increased economic activity for various industrial sectors. In the Arctic we face an environmental and cultural challenge that calls for responsible leadership in significant industries such as energy, shipping, fisheries and tourism. Iceland’s sustainable way of life can be a guideline for the growing Arctic region.
  • Iceland is the "hot spot" for sustainability and the best location for a research center to further it´s affirmation of competence. The research center is an important step toward the preservation of the human species and a tool to a sustainable way of life. The vision is to work together in research and education with the objective to put up a leading global institution for R&D in sustainability.
  • Cornell University
  • Reykjavik University
  • Renewable Energy Cluster
  • Government of Iceland