Mapping the sustainability

  • Work on the Cornell report on the sustainability of the Icelandic Fisheries management system was the first undertaking. Preparation to performing a landscape-scale analysis. Can it be effectively applied as best practices to sustainably manage fisheries elsewhere in the world? Is the Icelandic system scalable to an international level? Can it be used as a model?
  • Data collection has begun on the Cornell report on the Energy system in Iceland. The mission is to map what Iceland has accomplished in the area of technology development and deployment to utilize their geothermal and hydro energy resources in an integrated fashion to create a sustainable future for the country.
  • Key aim is to employ the Icelandic experience of integrating geothermal and hydro resources as a model to transform carbon-based U.S. energy into sustainably harnessed, green systems. The whole world should look to Iceland for lessons in sustainability and its effort to fulfill our social responsibility of going green.
  • Preparation for establishing framework for the report on Agriculture in Iceland has begun. Key thing for NY state – Agriculture. Green houses - Meat production – Milk processing – yogurt processing.
  • Cornell University
  • Reykjavik University
  • Renewable Energy Cluster
  • Government of Iceland