Earth Source Heat Project

  • Transforming the energy system on the Cornell Campus in Ithaca – only to be powered by renewable energy in a sustainable manner partly based on the successful Icelandic model.
  • Provide baseload heating to Ithaca campus. Essential component for meeting carbon neutrality before 2035. Create a living laboratory for students and faculty to learn by evaluating how energy systems perform at scale Demonstration project for Eastern U.S.
  • GRP and the Energy Cluster will identify partnerships with Icelandic companies to work in specific areas and locations i.e. infrastructure engineering, drilling and consulting.
  • Potential for a research-driven solution that could lead to a scalable solution globally.
  • Research in preparation for a test well – funding for $8 million secured from the DOE.
  • Collaboration on communication and public education and outreach on energy transitions are critical elements.
  • Cornell and the Icelandic partners will work together to spearhead the campus transformation towards a zero-carbon future as a model for other campuses and communities with emphasize on technology innovation and knowledge transfer.

Cornell University

Future Cornell Campus Energy Infrastructure

Future Cornell Campus Energy Infrastructure

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  • Cornell University
  • Reykjavik University
  • Renewable Energy Cluster
  • Government of Iceland